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At Designer Concepts Landscape Architecture, we offer a variety of maintenance services designed to beautify your landscape and optimize the health of your lawn and plants.

Bed Maintenance

Your garden and flower beds require routine upkeep to maintain the look you want. As part of our twice-monthly maintenance plan, we remove weeds and debris to ensure an attractive appearance.


See the difference professional mowing can make. We create a mowing schedule to suit both the season and grass type. Mowing at the correct height helps prevent weed growth and protects the root system.

Lawn Care

We perform an assessment to determine which of the following services your lawn needs for maximum health and beauty:

  • lawn fertilization: adds nutrients to promote growth and beauty
  • weed control: prevents weeds from taking over your lawn
  • pesticide application: eliminates unwanted pests through a time-released process
  • aeration: reduces soil compaction to promote healthy roots
  • de-thatching: removes dead grass to prevent insect damage and fungal growth


Top-dressed mulch helps flower beds look fresh, prevents weeds, protects the root system and dramatically improves moisture retention.

Tree and Shrub Care

We promote plant health through proper fertilization, as well as plant shaping and removal of dead branches.

Annual Flowers

Annual flower beds can be rotated seasonally for a burst of color. We plant flowers, control weeds and maintain appearance.

Spring and Fall Clean-Up

We eliminate debris and perennial flower die-back to allow new growth. Let us take care of your fall leaf removal needs as well.

Decorative Pots

Add a splash of color wherever you need it. Choose the perfect style for your landscape, and experience worry-free maintenance as we remove your out-of-season pots and store them for you.

Water Feature Maintenance

We inspect, clean and repair water features. We also offer pump removal and storage for winter.

Lighting Maintenance

We make sure your outdoor lighting system operates at its best by cleaning lenses, clearing debris, replacing bulbs and ensuring that lights are pointed properly.

Paver Care

Call us to protect new pavers or breathe new life into an old patio.