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Our Process

At Designer Concepts Landscape Architecture, we strive to give you a fantastic experience through personal, one-on-one meetings, listening to your needs, and discussing ideas to beautify and maximize your outdoor spaces.

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Your call will be answered by our
Director of First Impressions, JoLynn.

JoLynn will:

  • Listen to your needs
  • Gather basic contact information
  • Schedule our first meeting

You will meet with Owner and Landscape Architect Ryan Palm to review your project and walk through the following:

  • Assess your priorities
  • Discover how you interact with your landscape
  • Discuss potential solutions

We will take your priorities and develop a unique solution that meets your needs, including:

  • Creative research
  • Design development
  • Hand drawn, colored landscape plan
  • Detailed cost estimate for your project

Ryan will meet with you at your home to present the solutions, including:

  • Design review and discussion
  • Proposal presentation
  • Discussion of desired changes
  • Authorization of project

Before the project begins, Ryan will introduce Owner and Project Manager Corey Koch.

Ryan and Corey will:

  • Review the project details
  • Walk the project site
  • Coordinate necessary materials and other details

Corey will supervise our uniformed crew as they carefully create your new landscape:

  • Detailed layout based upon your landscape plan
  • Time-tested methods performed by one of our experienced crews
  • Clean, capable equipment
  • Job site cleaned up daily

Once the work is done, Corey will walk you through your new landscape.

  • Project punch list
  • Care guides and instructions
  • Answer any remaining questions

We want to make sure you are pleased with everything so we will:

  • Call within a few weeks to make sure your expectations were met
  • Survey your ideas on what we did well and how we can improve
  • Mail warranty reminders